Consultations & Costs

As a first step Mette will ask you to fill in a health questionnaire and a short-term food diary, which should be completed and returned prior to your initial appointment. All information will be kept confidential in accordance with copyright laws.

An initial appointment will then be scheduled and will typically last around 70-90 minutes. During this consultation a full medical history will be taken, and current diet and life-style will be explored.  Mette will then develop a tailor-made diet plan for you and in some cases may also recommend some supplements and tests.

Follow-up appointments will typically take place 4 – 6 weeks after the initial consultations and will last around 45 minutes. The main objective of the follow-up consultations is to discuss progress and to revise the original prescription accordingly in order to ensure that continued progress is attained.

The number of follow-up appointments required will depend on the individual patient’s needs and can be discussed in the first consultation. Follow-up appointments may not be required in all cases.


Initial consultation: £60
Follow-up Consultations: £45
Corporate presentation: P.O.A.