About Mette

Prior to becoming a Nutritional Therapist Mette has worked in the IT industry for many years so has experienced the type of daily stress and challenges that many people typically face, and knows how this can impact on one’s lifestyle choices including diet.

Education: Mette has a BSc in Nutritional Medicine from the University of West London

Professional Association: Mette is fully registered with the British Association for Applied & Nutritional Therapy (BANT), which imposes a strict code of professional practice on all its members. (http://www.bant.org.uk/bant/getPractitioner?id=41889)

Voluntary Regulation: Mette is also registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) which requires its members to be properly trained, qualified and insured.               (http://www.cnhc.org.uk/pages/index.cfm?page_id=20)

Further Training:  Mette continuously keeps up to date with the latest scientific developments and discoveries in the field of nutritional therapy by attending seminars and lectures approved by BANT for Continued Professional Development.

She currently runs a private practice in the Norton Lees area of Sheffield, just above Meersbrook Park.